The Broken Bonds of A Family | Grand Family Coalition
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The Broken Bonds of A Family

The Broken Bonds of A Family

Welcome to the Grand Family Coalition Blog

We will attempt to peel back the layers that makes up the “Grandfamily”. First, why only grandfamilies? The broken bond of a family effects the mental health of the entire family unite, including multiple generations and generations to come. Grandfamiles experience this journey in a unique way that differs from that of a foster family. Because it was not a choice, it was a choice that had to be made for the sack of the child and the family unite, the dynamics do differ.

We will attend to help you, as the reader, to understand the complexity of the emotions that effect the mental health of these families. Starting with the biological parent, understanding that it is not just a daughter or son. It is the sister/brother, niece/nephew, great grandchild. We will explore the kinship caregiver and the struggle in the middle. The generation that is sandwiched between the adult biological parent and the child they care for. We will explore how new bonds form and others are broken. We will explore the child and the journey they experience. Explore the marital relationships, parent and child relationships, mothers and daughters, other family relationships, friendships and how the changes break the bonds of a family.

By Gail Engel, Founder of Grand Family Coalition, Jana Carson GRANDcares Site Coordinator, Bev Bar, grandmother