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Jackhammer Time – By Dee Dee

Jackhammer Time – By Dee Dee


I’m so over New Year Resolutions. Seriously over. HOWEVER…What we have now isn’t a new year, but a new DECADE. Wow…So! I have spent some time thinking about this last decade…What has worked for me and what hasn’t? What to keep and what to discard in how I live my life? How much further am I today from where I was a decade ago? What a shock I was in for. I am in the exact same place, doing the exact same things, having the exact same thoughts, and hoping that the exact same things will change. Are you kidding me??? Talk about choking on my coffee…..

I have to ask myself, ‘How can this be??’ I’ve done so much, learned so much, changed so much in ten years…How can everything be the same?

I can only surmise that I’m ‘stuck’ somewhere. For all of my gained knowledge over the last decade, for all of my changes, for all of my steps forward (apparently on a treadmill) – I am as stuck as if I had stepped in wet cement and it dried before I stepped out of it.
Do you feel this way? Same stuff different year doesn’t even apply this year. Are we really going to settle for same stuff different decade?? I don’t think so. Enough already!
It occurs to me that for all my changes, I’ve kept them all close and have yet to put them into action. That is ridiculous don’t you think? Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe I haven’t been ready, and now I am. Maybe that is why I am just now realizing this. When I think of it like that it feels kind of exciting – like a new adventure.
Do you feel stuck in the dried cement that is your child’s addiction? Is it there with you every minute of every day even when you’re not thinking about it? Are you living your life stuck in one spot because you can’t step out of the cement? Are you doing this and not even realizing it, like me?
We are raising our grandkids. We can’t afford to be stuck in anything. These kids and the world they live in move fast and we need to be able to keep up with them.
So, I’m inviting you to accompany me on a journey to becoming unstuck. I’m inviting you into a conversation to figure out with me how it is that we’re supposed to do all it is that we do and deal with, and at the end of the day feel some peace. It’s too late to gracefully step out of that cement because it is way beyond dried and cured, so…it’s jackhammer time!
Happy 2020!
DeeDee xo