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Self-help group refers to two or more people that come together to deal with a common problem. These groups are all over the world and often called support groups. Groups are often run by and for the members, “experts” themselves. The strength in joining together in a group can help a person stabilize their situation and gain the energy needed to see to their current needs. Joining in a group can help gain a sense of well-being, lead to self-awareness and give a sense of belonging.

The purpose of these groups is to create a community of grandfamilies and the children in their care to stay connected and involved with other grandfamilies in the area. To provide support and understanding of grandfamilies in need.


You alone can do this, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Sometimes we simply need to know someone is there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to feel supported and cared about. We’ve created a place to be social and uplifting with social/support groups. We have monthly topics that encourage positive thinking and ways to care for ourselves. We offer speakers to keep us informed with topics that concern our needs. We keep our hands busy by creating blankets or crafts that are distributed to kids in a kinship foster situation in need of a little uplifting.

Groups meet monthly

  • Loveland – Third Wednesday of the month 11:30 – 1:30
    Mountain View Presbyterian Church, 2500 Garfield Ave, Loveland
  • Fort Collins – Fourth Thursday of the month 12:00 – 2:30
    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 5450 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins
  • Minor Pulse – Youth 12 – 19 – meet regularly and kinship providers connect for an evening of conversation. Locations vary.
  • COMING SOON – evening social group forming (including bilingual)

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Seasoned grandparents lead our Peer to Peer Outreach Program. This program if for kinship care providers feeling isolated and alone who are looking for resources and hoping to connect with others. We help them connect to resources they need to stabilize their families. If you know someone who needs our help please contact us for a referral form so we can reach out to them. or Shari Thorson at 970-690-3647

Peer to Peer Support Team

Bev Barr
Debbie Hines
Ellen Lake
Gail Engel


GFC brings in speakers and professionals that offer classes and presentations that bring information that helps kinship caregivers on their journey of raising the children they never expected to raise.

  • Love and Logic – offers a resource to help teach children how to make better choices and avoid power struggles.
  • Individual Education Plans – Understand the ins and outs of an IEP and 504 plans for your Chil’s education needs.
  • Speak Now – How to talk to your kids about drugs
  • Our HUGs Peer Groups offer speakers from places like Social Security, Internet Safety, AARP, Medicaid and more.
  • Other classes are offered as they become available.

Youth Group:

The youth of our organization are just as important to support as the adults caring for them. We are here to support them into adulthood in the most positive way possible. By creating a place where they can connect and be creative, we are promoting positive behavior and inspiring leadership. By giving hem a sense of belonging, they can achieve great things They become the pulse of our organization. When our pulse is strong, we know we are accomplishing our goals.

  • Minor Pulse puts on a “Teen Night” monthly for youth 12 – 18. Guardians naturally come together to socialize.
  • Minor Pulse organizes the activities for our social events.

Facebook Private Groups

Many grandfamilies from across the state of Colorado are connecting to share ideas, stories and stay connected. To join our private Facebook group email us at You can also “like” our Facebook page at