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Get Involved

Our grandfamilies enjoy participating in activities with their families and being part of a community that truly understands the problems they face every day. At GFC we strive to make a difference in these families lives by creating events and places for them to connect and get relief from the stress. Providing educational programs that help with parenting, and events that allow them to connect with our peer-2-peer network of support so they can share with others. Children can learn, explore and grow socially and emotionally through our youth activities, and where kinship caregivers can receive a little respite.


Lending a hand to a multi-generational community that deserves recognition is rewarding in itself. There are many duties to go around. Our quarterly events require support from our community and our volunteers. With the help of volunteers, we can get this work done.

We need people who can work from home and be able to take direction and then take the lead in following through. We need volunteers to assist a few hours a month. Show us your skills and we will put you to good use. Be a part of our organization and make a difference in a family’s life.

Ways that you can help and skills we need:

  • Quarterly and Special Events – Setup, organize, youth activities, assistance with event
  • Organization skills – clothing swap/kitchen assistance/gifts and book give away
  • Youth supports – Monthly support groups, educational and special events.
  • Newsletter articles / PowerPoint presentations / and more
  • Continued development of our resource data
  • Social media support and development
  • Fundraisers and fundraising organizers
  • Administrative help – evaluations / fliers / mailings
  • Web Design / Graphic Design
  • Teen Youth Leader
  • Be a Board Member

Please complete our Volunteer Application Link Form below
or contact us at

Volunteer Application Form

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