Social Events - Grand Family Coalition
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Social Events

Our social activities are meant to bring families together to enjoy family time and connect with other families in their situation. Our activities are a great way to get connected and feel supported. Check our calendar for detailed information and schedules.

Quarterly Social Events allow us to create a place where we can stay connected socially and a place for quality family time.


Our spring social event offers a fun evening of social connections, such as our “Chili Bingo Night” with chili cook off. A fun “Movie Night” where the kids bring their blanket and camp chair to watch a great movie in the gym. A night of star gazing at the Little Thompson Observatory.


Summer Pool Party offers the kids a chance to reconnect and adults to visit while the children play. We rent out the local pool for a fun evening and a bring your own picnic.


Poudre Wilderness Volunteers take kids on a ranger-guided hike on one of the United States Forest Service (USFS) trails. We call these “Kids in Nature hikes”. Small groups of kids learn about basic safety in the mountains, Leave No Trace principals and that this USFS land belongs to every one of us in the U.S. and it’s FREE!

The kids experience nature and fine the expected. While the grand members make new friends.


We celebrate “Grandparents Day” and “Kinship Month” with a picnic and fun games for the kids. The kids get to be silly and play games while grand members visit and enjoy the end of summer. Families join in games such as a Frozen T-shirt contest and Tug of War between the adults and the kids.

  • Face Painting
  • Fun Photo Booth
  • Frozen T-Shirt Contest
  • Tug of War
  • Water Balloon Fight
  • And more


Our Holiday party is filled with great things for the kids and adults alike. We share a meal with friends and each child receives a book and gift. We celebrate the joy of being together as a family. Crafts and games for the kids. Our volunteers see to it our families enjoy every moment. And of course, what would it be without Santa?


Our youth group “Minor Pulse” is the heart of our organization. Supporting them to be strong courageous youth is at the center of our work! Our Teen Night supports the youth by creating a supportive environment and encourage leadership. Our partnering agencies keep them with activities to match their ages. The hikes in nature get them out into the world to explore and nurture their senses.


Connecting kinship caregivers to support their efforts is at the forefront!