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Grand Family Coalition is always looking for community resources to support our families. We stay connected with many community agencies that offer programs, classes and opportunities that support family, then bring that information to you.

CSU Social Work Mentor Program:

The CSU Social Work 286 Mentor Program is educating the social workers of tomorrow. Every year a few CSU Students become mentors to the GFC youth. Two hours a week for two semesters mentors and mentees meet for one on one activities. GFC youth experience having a young person in their lives while the CSU student is learning the sills needed for becoming a social worker. Often the youth are able to experience a visit to the college. Guardians get a little respite.

Realities for Children:

GFC is proud to share that we are a Partner Agency with Realities for Children. This is an esteemed group of 38 non-profit agencies that are committed to collaboration, fiscal efficiency and to providing the best possible continuum of service for the needs of children in Larimer County who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk.
RFC offers opportunities to our families provided through community business. Often offering free birthday parties, tickets to children’s plays, concerts, special events and more.

GRANDCares Program:

GRANDcares program is offered through CSU Extension, a six-week class designed to help manage the stress of raising grandchildren and how to take better care of yourself, reduce your stress, and communicate more effectively.

The GRANDcares Youth Club alongside the GRANDcares. It is filled with fun activities to help your grandchild develop leadership skills, learn how to manage stress, and connect with others! For more information contact Raquesl.Daniels@colostate.edu

The Adoption Exchange:

The Adoption Exchange offers a variety of classes and training opportunities for both families and professionals. Classes are geared toward providing information, support, and guidance in creating healthy, stable adoptive relationships.

Poudre Wilderness Volunteers “Kids in Nature”

Poudre Wilderness Volunteers take kids on a ranger-guided hike on one of the United States Forest Service (USFS) trails. We call these “Kids in Nature hikes”. Small groups of kids learn about basic safety in the mountains, Leave No Trace principals and that this USFS land belongs to everyone of us in the U.S. and it’s FREE!